Saturday, April 30, 2011


This was the moment. The moment all of us study abroad students, all citizens of London, of England, of the United Kingdom, and of the world have been waiting for.

The Royal Wedding.

The day that Prince William and Kate Middleton take their vows, while every girl simultaneously weeps over the loss of William's availability and observes Harry's, and while every guy simultaneously weeps over the loss of Kate's availability and observes Pippa's. Over a million people turned out in London for the wedding, while over two billion watched on the television. The streets by Buckingham Palace, in front of Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, and Hyde Park were packed with wedding enthusiasts. People camped out for days, only to have the royal family briefly drive past them for five seconds of glory. Worth it? I'm sure it was. I wanted to camp out too, until I saw that everyone in the world was camping out already.

Jim, my friends, and I headed out to Hyde Park around 7:00 in the morning to pick our station. They had three jumbo-trons set up, and we were fairly close to the middle one. There were about a dozen food stands and even a Ferris wheel set up for the occasion. This was definitely the better choice than packing the streets in front of the procession because we actually got to see everything... and it was absolutely stunning.

Seriously, what a beautiful ceremony. Kate looked positively gorgeous (and seriously, did anybody not love her fabulous Alexander McQueen dress?!), and William looked so happy. They really just look like they truly love each other. We all had a fantastic time watching the wedding together, dancing in the park for hours afterward, and feeling truly British.

But none of this is important. What is important is that I am now famous.

That's right. I'm famous.

You may think this is a joke. It's not. I made a sign that read, "Hey, William, you picked the wrong Kate Elizabeth," and everyone just loved it. I think it's because not many people made signs like I thought they would... a lot of people dressed up, but not many signs. I am not exaggerating when I say over a hundred people took my picture at the wedding, and that's just all the ones I saw and posed for. Well, it turns out that one of those hundred people works for the Daily Mail, one of the absolute biggest newspapers in the UK... and I have a solo picture of me in the newspaper for the wedding coverage.

If you haven't seen the million Facebook posts about it, check it out.
Scroll all the way to the bottom. Fantastic, right?

The only problem is that Jim and I apparently aren't the only people who thought newspapers would make a great souvenir of the wedding. We walked all around central yesterday trying to find a newspaper, ANY newspaper, to no avail. I asked a man where he got all of his, since he was carrying a few, and he was nice enough to give me one... but this was the royal wedding special of the Evening Standard. That's awesome, because I love the Standard, but I want the one with me in it too! I emailed the editor, told him I was the girl in the paper, and asked if he could send me a few copies. I even took a picture of me in my flat with the sign, so he knew I was really me. He hasn't replied yet, but I'll be really upset if I can't get at least one copy of this paper. What's the point of having your 15 minutes of fame if you don't have physical evidence of it?

So, while I was hoping Prince William would see that sign and leave the wedding to come running to me, I guess the least he could do instead is hook me up with Harry instead, right? 

I know the royal wedding isn't a place, but with my new found fame due to the wedding, I think it's appropriate to say... Royal Wedding: Conquered. 

 With some William and Kate lookalikes.

 The picture of me that was published in the Daily Mail.

The crowd shot at Hyde Park. You can see my white sign on the right, and Jim is the black jacket a little bit to the left of that.

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