Saturday, May 7, 2011


So now it's time for a recap of all the wonderful and exciting events that have happened in the life of Kate the past few days!  /sarcasm.

May 3rd- Since my fashion report was due this day, I figured it'd be a good time to start it. It was actually slightly more enjoyable to write than I thought it would be, but I'm sure my opinion of that will change when I get my grade and see she failed me simply because she's an awful person. We had to pick a trend, macro or micro, and pick a high-street retailer and product line it could apply to and pretty much just convince them they should adopt the trend. I did the polka dot trend for J.Crew's business wear line. Yeah, edgy. I used so many visuals and even made a color scheme, so if I don't at least pass this paper, I am journeying back to London to personally kick her ass.

Jordan and I also has a fiasco of a time trying to track down the room where we had to pick up our grades from our presentations. We asked literally everyone that's supposed to know, like reception, the security guard, the admissions office... and nobody knew. Oh, except our PROFESSOR who was IN the admissions office when we were asking, looked at us, and IGNORED US. Our tutor, who was with her, was the one who told us the location... which you would think is reasonable and nice, except that they failed to mention that they have the room locked and we can't get in. We finally tracked her down and got our grades. I knew my grade already, but I wanted to see how she could justify giving me such a low grade when I honestly had one of the best presentations in the class. I have more reason to hate her. She praises me almost the entire time in the comments, but still gives me half the points off! I swear, this school is bonkers.

May 4th- This was the day of the British Heart Foundation's Tower of London 10k I ran with Jordan! There was a party at ISA beforehand, where they brought out a cake and sang happy birthday to me.  Remaining true to our "Hungry Hungry Hippos" team name, we ate two slices of pizza and a piece of chocolate cake... immediately before our race. It actually didn't affect us at all though, and we ran the entire 6.2 miles on terrible knees (me), an injured foot (Jordan), and bellies full of terrible food. I'd call it a success... such a success that we just had to reward ourselves with Krispy Kreme doughnuts afterward.

May 5th- My rewards for the 10k continued as I allowed myself to go shopping. I wanted to find this hot pink dress with bananas on it at Top Shop, and that was my sole intention... but they don't have them in stock yet. Bollocks. That didn't stop me from going insane in the store though, and continuing my path of shopping fury all the way to Zara. In my defense though, everything I bought is for my internship in Milan. Although I know I'm just an intern, not an executive, Stacy London always says you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. I know they won't expect me to wear a suit everyday, but I still should look professional and not show up in jeans and sneakers. I barely had any work appropriate clothes here, minus two skirts and two shirts, which didn't even really match with each other. Now, with the purchase of three tops and two skirts, I have 12 outfits I can wear to work. Now that's smart shopping!

May 6th- When was this, yesterday? Oh, alright. Well, I had planned to have a football game (European football, or soccer for all you uncultured American friend-heathens back home... see College Humor's "How to Go Abroad and Come Back an A-hole" article), but my phone has now decided to not accept incoming calls anymore. Since I have no credit on my phone to call or text anyone, meeting up with people was slightly more than difficult. I eventually found Kentucky, and we eventually met up with Mike, so the three of us just hung around Regent's Park, kicking the ball between us and relaxing. We went back to change, and then we went out shopping (but I didn't buy anything!) so Mike could get a swimsuit. Then we were starving, so we got some cheap Thai food, and called it a night... until Mike messaged me around 11:30 saying he wanted chips (English chips, so French fries for you uncultured American friend-heathens) which in turn made me want chips, so we made a chip run together. Productive day.

So now today, I was going to go to the Fashion and Textile Museum finally, but on the website it says it's temporarily closed until May 19th. Seems silly, but whatever. So I'll do that later this month. No idea what I'm going to do today now though... it's not a super sunny day, so I'm going to scratch a park option. I guess I'll look at my list and figure something out.

Oh, and in case you're not counting down like me (which I can't understand why you wouldn't be), I go to the Canary Islands in three days now!

 After running our 10k, pre-doughnuts.

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