Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Since coming back from the Canary Islands, it has hit me...

I have less than two weeks left in London.

It's been a crazy ride, that's for sure. But to be honest, I feel like I might actually miss London. It really hasn't been so awful the past couple months, since it's been spring. And, I'll confess, a lot of my problems with London have been my fault. If I feel bored and like there's nothing for me to do, it's because I haven't been forcing myself to do things. Now with only a short time left and a fairly decent list of touristy things I still haven't done, I'm doing things everyday starting today. I spent the day by myself, but it was still a lot better than when I spent it by myself in my room so many days. However, I know that you're a tricky trickster, London. I will not forget how awful you were to me in the winter, despite shaping up in the spring.

It's actually rather embarrassing how many really basic London tourist things I haven't done yet. It's just the whole, "we have five month, we have plenty of time," syndrome, and then you come down to the last few weeks and you wonder what you have done the past four and a half months. I guess I can just read back in this blog to find that out.

So, here is my list of things I needed to do in London:
1. London Aquarium
2. London Eye
3. See a Shakespeare performance at the Globe Theatre
4. Kensington Palace
5. Kew Gardens
6. London Symphony Orchestra
7. Fashion and Textile Museum
8. Changing of the Guard (yeah, embarrassing. I still haven't seen that yet)
9. Attend a service at Westminster Abbey
10. The British Library
11. Hatchard's Bookstore
12. Freud Museum
13. 8 Royal Parks
           Greenwich Park
           Hyde Park
           Kensington Gardens
           St. James Park
           Richmond Park
           Bushy Park
           Regent's Park
           Green Park
14. Attend a service at St. Paul's Cathedral
15. Carnaby Street
16. Tate Britain
17. Brighton
18. Liverpool

So, I'm doing decently well. Today, I crossed off The British Library and attending a service at Westminster Abbey. The British Library was amazing... the amount of books in that place is unreal. They had an exhibit with some really famous and some ancient texts. I saw Jane Austen's notebook, original copies of the Beatles lyrical brainstorming, the Gutenberg Bible, and the Magna Carta. Unfortunately, you need a reading pass to be able to just look through the shelves of books in the reading rooms, but it was an English major's dream.

The service at Westminster Abbey was beautiful. I went to the evensong ceremony, and my gosh, there is a reason that choir is so famous. I was a little surprised at how I was the only one who seemed to be dressed for church, but furthermore how I seemed to be the only one who didn't have to read the Apostle's Creed off the paper. Come on, people. If lightning was to strike anyone in that building, it'd be me. If I have the Apostle's Creed memorized, you should too.

Overall, it was a productive day. Tomorrow is the last day I can see Jordan and Sam though, which is going to be so sad. Saying goodbye is awful!

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