Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So, let's talk Milan.

When I say "Let's talk Milan," I mean let's talk fashion, let's talk fabulous, let's talk opportunity and language and molto, molto bello and gelato and the best damn cappuccinos I have ever tasted.

I had my interview today with Wivian's Factory, a showroom here in Milan. It is absolutely beautiful (and absolutely gigantic), and they are known for their marketing team and strategies. They're so exclusive that they aren't even open to the general public. Global Experiences representatives Anna and Whitney came with me on the interview, and I didn't even really have to do anything other than sit there and try to look pretty... which is actually quite the challenge when it's so rainy out, making my hair grow three sizes that day (Grinch reference, anyone?). The boss, who was supposed to interview me, was in a meeting with Dolce and Gabbana and did not have time to see me personally... which is completely fine with me. I am more than okay with accepting my lower status compared to Dolce and Gabbana. The lady who did interview me was really just interested in getting my story from Anna. The entire interview was just a formality, as I apparently already had the job. The funny part was that she said she would "parla molto, molto piano," or speak really slowly... and then completely jetted off like a crazed racehorse. My goodness, if that was her speaking slowly, she would probably short-circuit if she spoke fast. She also asked me if I would be okay with them using me as a model sometimes. I don't exactly have a model's height or body, but yeah, sure, if you want to run a short and stumpy collection, then obviously I would never refuse an opportunity to be dressed up in designer clothes I can't personally afford.

I'm getting a little ahead of myself though. Let's go back to last night. We had our Global Experiences aperitivo at the Jazz Cafe in the Piazza Sempione by the castle. I got this drink called a spritz, which is apparently the drink to get in Northern Italy at an aperitivo... and I can see why. It was amazing. It was some combination of wine, hard liquor, and orange soda. To be honest, I don't entirely care what it was. All I know is that I don't know how I have lived my entire life up until now without one. What was even better than the drink was the food though (which was endless, by the way). You can just go up and get plate after plate of all the little appetizers, and you better believe I did. Thank goodness Carly appreciates food just as much as I do, so I didn't feel entirely like the only pig in the group. The aperitivo was a lot of fun though, because all of us girls, besides Lilianna who had a doctors appointment, got to spend time together outside of language school for once. We got gelato afterward, because clearly we hadn't eaten enough. But, really, when is gelato ever a bad decision?

The language classes are going great too (especially the cappuccino breaks). I'm definitely improving a lot, and have been able to have full conversations with my teachers in Italian. Of course, I'm sure my Italian is very broken, but as long as I'm able to be understood I'll be fine. It's so interesting to be on the other side of the table though. Back in London, living in my flat with Chisato, Maiko, Slovakian Adam, and Laura (obviously British Adam doesn't count in this), I got used to communicating with people who spoke English a little broken. I learned to speak slower, explain things more, and answer language questions they had. I never had to be the one struggling with a language barrier before though, and I have so much more respect for them now because I know how hard it can be. It's so strange to think that when I walk down the street, I'm the one people don't understand. I am going to try this thing called a tandem, where you basically find people (obviously girls my age) in Milan with similar interests that speak Italian for you to meet with and do a 50/50 language exchange. It helps them with their English, and helps me with my Italian. Benissimo!

In other news in my life, I made my first post to CollegeFashionista this past Friday! It was just my style guru bio, so nothing too exciting yet, but that will go on the web come this Friday. That means I have to start my actual posting this week. I already have an index card drafted with what I had to say when I approach people, because the biggest struggle with this internship is that I need to be able to explain the website and why I want to take someone's picture to them in Italian. I'm excited to get started though!

Also, I have been invited to attend Jason Triosi's, from Project Runway Season 8, first fashion show in New York this fall. I was a little unsure about the invitation at first, but I did a little research and it seems to be legitimate. That should be exciting for my return! Maybe Tim Gunn will be there and I'll get to meet him again. Yes, I said again. If you've ever talked to me, you would surely have heard my bragging story about how I met Tim Gunn at the opening of Kate Spade's line at Bloomingdale's and he told me I was adorable and hugged me. Best moment of my life? I think so. I'm also going to apply to Teen Vogue's Fashion University for the fall, which would be so incredible if I could get in.  I need to get my business cards printed up, STAT.

So, I'm feeling a bit fabulous right now. Ciao, Milano: sei bella.

 Alana, Amanda, Carly, me, and Luiza at the aperitivo!

Whether crossing through the mud with Carly in our heels was a good idea or not is debatable. Whether or not we look good while we do it is not debatable.
Me, Alana, Amanda (or Domanda, as we now call her), and Luiza in front of the most glamorous tram I have ever seen.

Il Duomo at night!

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